Investing in Customer Service

As a business owner it’s important to keep customer relationships strong.  If you have not heard from your customer or they have not placed an order, why not send them a note.  Think about how they would feel if they opened up their mailbox and received your handwritten note.  It would definitely make them feel special and in turn would keep the connection alive in your business.

Another way to help your business grow is to send thank you cards telling them how much you appreciate their business.  If you can afford it, include a sample of your new product.  This can lead to even more sales.  People are more likely to buy from those they know and trust.

thank you

If you have specials you offer as part of your business, most likely they aren’t going to know about them.  The open rate on newsletters is very low, even though it’s cost effective.  Sometimes just sending them a note about your upcoming specials may help to boost your business.

Can you think of anything else to add?  If so, please comment below.


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