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22 simple tips to take care of YOU

Stress can definitely take its toll on our bodies in many ways – physically, emotionally and mentally.    

 I find that when I feel like I don’t have the time to slow down, is actually when I need it the most!


It’s important to take some downtime and take care of YOU.  You not only deserve it, but when you’re feeling rested and recharged, you can accomplish more and support others better.  It’s not selfish because you’ll actually have more of you to give.


Here is a list to get you started – 22 simple tips to take care of YOU.  Pick one that you can start with today – and then remember to do something that brings you joy or makes you feel more centered or relaxed every day (even if that means for just 5 minutes). 


  1. Get enough sleep
  2. Take the time to prioritize your day each morning (what are the top 2 -3 things you want to get done today?).
  3. Remember to schedule tasks/appointments, events as evenly as possible throughout the week.
  4. Reduce time on the computer and TV
  5. Take deep breaths during the day
  6. Eat slower
  7. Connect with family and friends
  8. Take a vacations (or ‘staycation’)
  9. Don’t be afraid to ask for help
  10.   Make time for yourself – enjoy a hobby or activity
  11. Read a book or watch a movie
  12. Exercise
  13. Speak to yourself more kindly
  14. Listen to music
  15. Open your windows and blinds during the day
  16. Focus on your goals
  17. Enjoy a hot bath
  18. Meditate, pray and/or do yoga
  19. Get a massage or facial
  20. Go on a walk
  21. Focus on the positive
  22. Keep a gratitude journal

“Find what makes your heart sing and create your own music”

~ Mac Anderson


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10 Tips to Keep Yourself on Track

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It’s the same story every year where we tell ourselves were going to lose weight.

10 Tips to Keep Yourself on Track

1.  Pump up your energy.  Make sure you’re getting enough of sleep, exercise and proper nutrition to fuel your body.

2.  Set Goals.  Set goals that have meaning to you and that surround you with energy.

3.  Be Specific.  Losing weight is not a specific goal.   Instead, say “Losing 10 pounds in 60 days” works much better.

4.  Start with Small Steps.  Don’t go to extremes like eating only lettuce or running a marathon.  Instead, make a plan that works with your schedule and is realistic and achievable.

5.  Track Your Goals.  Set up a detailed weekly calendar with reminders to help you stay on track.

6.  Rewards.  Reward yourself with something you value and can afford.

7.  Be Accountable.  Check in with a friend, trainer, health coach, or loved one will make you think twice about giving up.

8.  Remove Temptation.  Allow yourself a little wiggle room like sharing a dessert, but don’t keep junk food visibly in your sight.

9.  Visualization.  Surround yourself with images and words that motivate you.

10.  Believe in yourself.  If others who have gone through addiction and trama, you can change too.  Focus your thinking on new behaviors.

Cheers for a better YOU,