Settle Into Joy

Whether you call it reflection, meditation or prayer, it calms and clears your mind and provides for necessary inner health. Our world is so busy and if we allow the external happenings around us to integrate with our inner peace, stress and physical illness can ensue.

There are many reasons why you should meditate, here a few:

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 Perspective
 Wisdom
 Creates inner peace
 Understanding
 Spiritual harmony
 Relaxation
 Enlightenment
 Clarity
 Introspection
 Ideas
 Assurance
 Puts us in the present

This meditation will help you to regain feeling in control, removing the victim role and
empowering you to see that you choose how you act and how you react.

Set a timer for 15 minutes. If you have an interval setting, set it to chime at 5 minutes.

Sit with your spine straight, allowing your body to relax.

Allow your breathing to anchor you, focusing on your breaths becoming deeper and slower.
Continue to observe your breath for about five minutes.

Close your eyes, visualizing yourself in a place that naturally inspires peace within you.


Repeat to yourself, “I am peaceful and at ease” with each breath for 10 breaths.
Repeat to yourself, “I have control over my actions and reactions” with each breath for 10 breaths.
Repeat to yourself, “I choose what I allow into my life” with each breath for 10 breaths.

Bring your focus back to your breathing, reassessing your body and allowing any area that may
have begun to tense up to relax.  When the timer sounds, gently bring your awareness to your entire body.
As you become ready, open your eyes.

Have you ever meditated before?  Comment below on your experience.


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