What to skip (and why)

What to skip (AND WHY)juicing

1.  Processed foods “Artificial additives perform no function,” says Cynthia Sass, RD.  “They’re like pollution.”  When they linger in fat cells, they can cause problems, like interfering with blood sugar levels and metabolism.  Give them a rest and you’ll feel lighter and more energetic and mentally focused.

2.  Added sugar  Sugars hide in many foods that don’t even seem sweet – sauces, breads, crackers – so the amount you consume in a day is surprisingly high.  Stay clear from artificial sweetners.  It takes about three days to break your sugar addiction.

3.  Dairy and Eggs  Both of these are common allergens that can have an impact on your immune system.  For dairy, many people experience symptoms such as diarrhea and bloating related to being lactose intolerant.

4.  Gluten  If you experience fatigue, brain fog, bloat, and low energy you may have a sensitivity to gluten (the protein found in wheat, rye, and barley).

5.  Coffee and alcohol  This may be the toughest to give up for most people.  Alcohol stresses the liver, and coffee is acidic.

With Spring already here, there isn’t a much better season for a cleansing tune-up.  And no, I don’t mean fasting; and you won’t be drinking green juice morning, noon, and night.  For twelve days, you’ll give your body a break from all the processed stuff, added sugar, and gluten, plus common allergens dairy and eggs.  Think of it as a mini retreat!

Come join us here.

Eat Well,


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