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7 tips for more restful sleep

wake upSleep is the foundation that allows you to be your best.  Even though rest is one of the body’s essential functions, like eating and breathing, we think it’s OK to skimp on it.  Unfortunately, that’s not going to help your health or fitness.  Chronic sleep deprivation can lead to crankiness, increase your appetite, and put you at risk for hypertension, and other chronic diseases.

Luckily, a few tweaks to your bedtime routine can help you getting the proper amount of sleep your body needs for optimal health.  

Follow these 7 tips for a better sleep tonight.

1.  Wind down with yoga.  Practicing a few poses before bed may help you to sleep better.  Feel like saying “om” now?  Try a cat stretch:  Get down on all fours and arch your back as you tuck your chin down and exhale.  Then inhale as you dip your back and lift your head towards the ceiling.

2.  Adjust your thermostat.  Keeping your thermostat between 60 – 68 degrees will prep your body for a deep sleep helping to maximize your hormone production.

3.  Use essential oils.  Serenity helps to sleep more deeply.  Serentity is a blend of essential oils with Lavender, sweet marjoram, roman chamomile, ylang ylang, sandalwood and vanilla bean.  You can diffuse in the air, apply to the bottom of your feet at bedtime, or add to a warm bath.  Serenity creates the perfect escape with its peaceful, renewing fragrance.  

4.  Stick to a routine.  Having a set routine is always the best.  We have these internal clocks that regulate mental and physical changes occurring in our bodies each day.

5.  Pillow talk.  The type of pillow you use is a good indicator of how well you’ll sleep.  Feather pillows feel nice, but doesn’t give you the support you need.  If you consistently wake up with a stiff neck and shoulders, your pillow may be the issue.

6.  Soak it up.  A hot bath is good advice as an easy way to relax and get ready for bed.  I always put 3-4 drops of Lavender oil in mine as the scent totally relaxes me.

7.  Ditch the midnight snack.  It’s tempting to have a snack before bedtime especially when your stomach is growling, right?  Eating too much at night will do more harm than good.  It can make you feel bloated and possibly lead to weight gain over time.

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4 Best teas for Weight Loss

Tea is one of the easiest and tastiest ways to lose weight but only if you drink the right kind of tea.  Tea can increase your energy and metabolism in the morning, reduce your stress come lunch time, metabolize fat in the afternoon, and the evening tea will help to curb those cravings for you.

Dr. Oz recommends the following regimen to aid in weight loss efforts:

1. Loose Pu-erh (bold flavor to stimulate movement and circulation)

  • Shrinks Fat Cells
  • Boosts Immune System
  • Promotes And Soothes Digestion
  • Stimulates Weight Loss

2.  King White Peony (fruity aftertaste)

Tea with ginger

  • Promotes healthy skin
  • Known To Aid Digestion
  • Promotes Weight Loss
  • Extremely High Levels Of Antioxidants

3.  Citrus Bloom Chickweed (Rose, lemon and ginger)

  •  Aids in Digestion
  • Acts As An Anti-Inflammatory
  • Helps Flush Fat From your System
  • Helps The Body Flush Excess Water

4.  Bilberry (fruity flavor of blueberries, cranberries and huckleberries)

  • High In Vitamin C
  • Promotes Weight Loss
  • Known to Treat Vision Problems
  • Daily Relief Of Gastrointestinal Problems & Aids Digestion

Have you tried any of these teas?

14 Secrets to lose weight for good

We live in a funny society.  We treasure slim, thin, skinny and we dole out mountains of processed snack, junk and fast foods.  We sit around and watch television instead of getting up and walking to the park or grocery store.

In our society, it seems like it is a constant obsession to try to get fit yet all the time reverting back to the food and entertainment forms that are so prevalent. Every single family get together, every holiday, every celebration is centered on food and drink.  Most of the time gluttonous food and drink!

So, when we start to become unhappy with the way we look (no one associates their illness or sluggishness with food) we start cutting calories.  Every New Year the diet industry pulls out all the advertising plugs, because every New Year we resolve to lose all the weight we put on the years before.  Diet pills, replacement shakes, artificial sweeteners, surgeries, magazines and fad diets.  The problem is, these things all make our problem worse.  We may lose weight quickly at first but we lose muscle at the same time and then gain back all fat, which is not so good.

Then we are minus the muscle and plus more fat.

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, look to people who have successfully done it.  You will notice that they did not use diet pills, meal replacement shakes or fad diets.

14 Proven ways to lose weight for good:

  1. Eat breakfast
  2. Eat all day long
  3. Drink more water
  4. Eat at home
  5. Eat whole foods
  6. Reduce stress
  7. Get a good night’s sleep
  8. Get moving
  9. Keep a journal
  10.  Eat some good, high quality protein
  11.  Take a vitamin supplement
  12.  Eat more vegetables
  13.  Give up the “c”‘s
  14.  Do a kitchen makeover and get the unhealthy foods that tempt you out of your house.

What do you think of skipping the fad diets?  Throw away the diet pills!  (You can throw away your sleeping pills at the same time!  2 for 1!)  Start eating healthy!

If you want to lose weight, eat more green vegetables and less simple carbohydrates.  Give up the “C”‘s – cakes, cookies, candy and chips!  Once those are out of your house and your life you WILL lose weight.

This is what you eat!fruitblog

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Whole grains
  • Small amounts of high quality protein
  • Small amounts of healthy fat (coconut oil, avocado)

Quit going to McDonalds and Burger King and then come back and leave a comment (will probably take 24 hours) about how good you feel!