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Is there such as thing as healthy chocolate?

Cacao is a Superfood! A Superfood!

Cacao (chocolate) is one of the most delicious and healthy super foods that exist. It is beneficial with PMS symptoms, good for metabolizing glucose, keeping the heart healthy, easing depression and it also helps as a delivery agent for many other super-foods like mushrooms, goji berries and spirulina. In addition to supporting cardiac health and lifting moods, cacao is well-known to ease symptoms of PMS, enhance glucose metabolism and may even help prevent colon cancer.

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” – Charles M. Schulz.

In it’s most natural form cacao is a seed. Everything chocolate comes from a seed and is called cocoa beans. Chocolate does not have sugar or dairy not unless you add it. If you want a delicious, high energy weight loss food; chocolate is your bean!
What is in chocolate and what it does
Magnesium – #1 source of  heart, brain, muscle cramping, elimination, alkaline, bone strength
balances blood sugar
blood, immunity
Vitamin C
immunity, liver, pancreas, skin


There are also many good reasons to eat chocolate only when raw. The oxalic acid and omega 6 fatty acids become problematic (trans fat and oxalates). There are a lot of delicious ways to use raw cacao. You can buy nibs, powder and cacao butter. One of the special qualities cacao has for is to hide the flavor of foods that don’t taste so great. You can eat spirulina with cacao and never even taste it.

One of my favorite foods with raw cacao is so easy and healthy and delicious that you won’t believe it!  This protein immunity pudding can be added to or subtracted from and you can’t mess it up (something easy exactly what you need in the kitchen). It’s too good for me not to share so here it is:
Chocolate Protein Immunity Pudding

Ingredients Needed:
1/2 cup coconut milk
1 little chunk of cocoa butter
1 tsp coconut oil
3 tbsp chia seeds
1/2 cup cacao powder
1 tsp reishi mushroom
1 tsp chaga mushrooms
1 tbsp spirulina
1 handful of spinach
1 handful frozen strawberries
1 handful goji berries
a very small pinch of raw vanilla

In mixer soak chia seeds with coconut milk for 30 minutes then add in the rest and blend
Sprinkle with cocoa nibs or bee pollen…
IT IS YUMMY and so healthy.

What is your favorite chocolate food? Please share!

Love Yourself – Take Care of Your Body

I love the idea of giving up the need to be skinny. The truth is it is fine if you are not overweight.  If you are overweight then you should love yourself enough to give you the gift of health.  It would be nice if we did it to feel good, strong and at peak health instead of to project an image to ourselves and to the world.

With all clarity, we know that our body should not really be a reflection of ourselves.  It is a reflection of our health.  That being said a person who is in perfect health is not any more loveable than a sick one at least that is the way it should be.

My story: “I think back on the time I was in my teens, twenties, thirties, and now my forties.  In my teens I thought I was fat (even though I wasn’t) and tried to achieve the perfect body.  I didn’t go on diets, but exercised profusely and my body did not change.  It was because I was still eating junk.  No one taught me the right way to eat.

I would eat fast food and then try not to eat the next day because I felt so guilty.  I had no concept of what I should be feeding my body.

Through my 20′s all I had to do was gain a pound and I felt like I was ready to go over the edge into obesity.  I was actually within my weight range but I never felt that way.

In my 30′s I gained fifty pounds with each of my children and would eat whatever I wanted.  I used pregnancy as an excuse to eat whatever cravings I had.  I was so ashamed of how I looked.  Slowly, I monitored what I ate and started weight training to let go of those pregnancy pounds.

Which takes me into my 40′s I decided after a few years of weight training to enter my first figure competition.  I went on a low-carb diet and felt tired, weak and battled adrenal fatigue.  It took me almost a year to recover from the effects it had on me emotionally to get back to clean eating and knowing what was right for my body.  I thought once I achieved this level I would be healthy and happy.  Due to the restrictive low carb diet, after my competition I ate anything and everything only to gain an extra 10 pounds back from where I started.

I started eating more (yes more healthy foods) and moving more and I got to where I wanted to be slim and healthy.  I no longer eat to be skinny, I eat to be healthy.  The truth is, if we quit eating foods that add to our health, we quit being healthy.

Finally, in my 40′s I figured out that the two are connected.  If I give my body the gift of health, it gives me back what I am meant to be.  I may not be meant to be skinny any more, but I am back to the healthy place I was as a kid and a teenager where it is about me and not my figure.

Truth is, I started this out as a “love your body” type of blog.  At the beginning I was perfectly happy and it was because my body was perfectly perfect.  The more junk I ate and the more I tried to manipulate my weight the harder it became.  Hormones are what put me over the edge.  I am not providing excuses, I am only stating my struggles.  I keep asking, ”Why do these people follow these perfectly fine diet regimens and gain it all back?”  If the diet is so great, why don’t they stay on it or if they do stay on it, why don’t they maintain the loss?  The truth is, consistency is a big thing.  Second to consistency is constant improvement and upgrades to what we do.”

You cannot do intermittent health care.  Exercise has to be a daily thing.  Aside from occasional “free meals”, we have to eat to nourish and maintain our bodies.  It is an odd thing that has happened in our society where food intake is such a social and pleasure thing instead of a way to fuel our bodies.

So the conclusion is there is nothing wrong with always being aware of what we do to stay slim and strong and healthy.  We should love ourselves for who we are on the inside but also love the potential we have; both inner and outer and always strive to live up to it.