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Wanna be a Health Coach?


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Integrative Nutrition is offering a chance to save on the cost of enrollment. You’ll be able to save $500 up to $1,000 in savings!
The next class begins soons and this is the perfect time to enroll because you’ll be able to get started on your materials and get to know the community before the course begins, so you’ll be ahead of the curve. This is a very rare opportunity since IIN has greatly reduced the frequency of these savings offers so give them a call if you don’t want to miss out.
Let me know if you have any questions about the school, I’m happy to share my personal experience with you. Space will be limited so call (877)733-1520 or email and tell them I referred you!


If you’re like me, I’m not a big fan of eating vegetables.  I’ll eat them, but there are days where I just don’t have a taste for them.  That’s why you’ll see me posting tons of smoothie and juice recipes because that’s how I get in my vegetables.  Dark leafy vegetables are the best and have the most antioxidants in them with Vitamins A, B, C, E and K.

When having a fresh juice or smoothie, it’s best to use a 3:1 ratio with vegetables being the most.  If you are new to this concept, you can start off with a higher ratio of fruit to greens and gradually increase the greens and decrease the fruit as you become used to the taste. Its the perfect way of getting more green vegetables into your diet if you hate them.

Blended fruit and vegetables are considered to have less of an impact on blood sugar because they contain fiber which slows the release of natural sugars into the blood stream. Juicing is best if you have delicate digestion or low in nutrients.  In order to retain their freshness, you should always drink them as fresh as possible.

Here is one of my favorite recipes:











Now, would you eat that many vegetables in a day?  Green smoothies taste so good, make your skin glow and give you so much energy.  The biggest complaint I hear is “I have no energy”.  Start out with one green smoothie a day and let me know how you feel after just 3 days.  Check out my free resources page!


Blend away!



I have a confession to make….

I’ve been eating mindlessly since January (that’s 4 months!).  I was tired of “structure” and constantly “planning” out my meals for the week.  I needed a BREAK from all of this because mentally I shut down.  When I shut down mentally, not only did my nutrition suffer, but so did my fitness.

I was having a hard time buttoning my pants because my stomach had gotten bigger and then I noticed it in my buttocks and thighs.  I went to put on my summer shorts and they didn’t fit anymore.

I wanted to cry!

How could I let this happen to me.  I’m a Health Coach, right?  Health coaches are supposed to be on top of everything with their nutrition, fitness and lives in general, aren’t they?

I felt like a failure and then I realized something.

Being a Health Coach doesn’t make me perfect.  I struggle just like anyone else who finds it difficult to lose weight or has low energy.  Going through this made me a better health coach because I can relate to others who are struggling with looking Sexy, having Fun and being Fit.

My motivation disappeared and I needed help fast to get me back on track.  That’s when I had to put my “health coaching” hat on and start working on myself. That’s when I knew that nutrition and fitness go hand in hand.

Like most, the question always is “Where do I start?”  The answer is to start small and big changes will happen.

Here are my 3 Sexy, Fun, Fit tips I recommend to get you back on track:

  1.  Have a nutrition plan to follow that has options that give you flexibility.i_july_photo_1 (2)
  2. Start moving!  Even if it’s only 15-20 minutes a day.  Find a workout partner or trainer to help motivate you.
  3. Get Support.  I can’t tell you how important it is to talk with someone about your struggles that understands what you’re going through and how to break free from them.  Start a group, partner with your spouse or friend, or invest in a Health Coach.


Re-Program, Recharge & Refocus

Making healthy changes is a step in the right direction.  However, going full force will not make you stick with it.  Gradual, small changes are the way to go to make it a long-term healthy lifestyle change.  What’s the big rush for anyway?  Be patient and it will happen, Trust Me.
The best way to get started is to eliminate foods that cause bloat and allergens.  Here are some tips you can try:
  • Replace regular milk with almond or rice milk.
  • Reduce caffeine intake by 1/4 cup each day.  Replace with Green Tea.rice milk
  • Replace white sugar with Raw Honey or stevia (plant extract)
  • Reduce or eliminate grains. Replace with a smoothie or fresh juice.

Eliminating these common allergens will allow your body to rest and you will feel lighter and more energetic.  When you have digestive issues, mood swings, gas, bloating and hormonal issues than you know it’s time to revamp the way you’re eating.  I thought I was eating healthy when I would have my oatmeal in the morning, but then my stomach would grow 3 times larger!  Once I eliminated it, no more bloat, so I knew that grains in general was causing an issue for me.

Everyone’s body is different, so you just need to try eliminating certain foods and gradually put them back and see how you feel.

It takes time for your “taste buds” to get used to it, but once you re-program, recharge and refocus, then you’re on your way to a more healthier way of eating!  If you are in need of support, contact me and I’ll be there for you to listen, guide and empower you to make a change.

With you in Holistic Health,