Going, Going, Gone Greener!

In January, I started using essential oils for relaxation.  What surprised me that you can use essential oils to make chemical-free products.  I didn’t realize how many chemicals I was putting on my skin every day.  Perfume, hair spray, deodorant, shower gel and the list goes on and on.oil2

As a holistic lifestyle coach, I started replacing my chemical products with homemade, all natural products with ingredients I can pronounce.  I searched and searched the internet for recipes on homemade deodorant, toothpaste, and body scrubs.

I started learning SO MUCH about the power of essential oils and love it!  I am now running a 100% chemical free home, thanks to Therapeutic Grade essential oils.

Let me tell you how you can make some of these homemade items too.

All Natural, Homemade Deodorant recipe:

1/2 cup baking soda
1/2 cup cornstarch
1/2 cup pure, organic, virgin coconut oil
20 drops of your favorite essential oil
1.  Mix the baking soda and corn starch in a bowl.
2.  Melt the oil in a pan on low heat and then remove from heat.
3.  Pour oil into dry mixture and mix until there are no clumps.
4.  Stir in essential oils of your choosing.  I LOVE Wild Orange and Purify. 
I chose Purify because it’s good for eliminating odors and contains Lemon, Lime, Pine, Citronella, Melaleuca and Cilantro, which have antiseptic properties and are excellent for your skin.  Wild Orange has a wonderful scent and is a mood-lifting oil similar to Citrus Bliss.
This recipe will make about 2-3 empty deodorant containers.

After reading all this information, why wouldn’t you want to go chemical free?

I don’t know, either.

You can contact me for more information regarding essential oils.


About Sharon Holistic Living

Hello! I’m Sharon, I show you how to cultivate a lifestyle of health wellness using a proven system to get you results. Are you ready to feel and look amazing? Contact me at SharonHolisticLiving@gmail.com

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